Christmas Ranch Tree Farms
Growing Fresh, Beautiful Christmas Trees for 47 years!

Christmas Ranch Tree Farms was started in 1971 by Don and Marilyn Cameron on two acres of land in Simi Valley leased from Southern California Edison underneath their transmission lines. Our first selling season was December 1974. A ten acre parcel of transmission land was added in Thousand Oaks in 1972 and has now been expanded to about 15 acres. Our first selling season there was December 1978.

In the beginning Monterey Pines were the best tree because they grew fast and were a fragrant, bright green. However, through the years we encountered a number of soil, pest and disease problems that made it difficult to grow solid stands of Montereys. As a result we have interplanted other species of pines, Leyland Cypress, Incense Cedar, Coast Redwoods and Arizona Cypress to offer more choices and promote more of a healthy forest type of plantation.

Christmas tree farming is a year-round job. We start planting as soon as the sales season is over and continue with some sort of planting activity until October. We grow most of our own seedlings from seeds and cuttings. The seeds are planted in super cells in potting soil and kept in our nursery, where they are watered twice a day.

When the seedlings are 8-12 inches tall (about 9 months) they are ready to plant in the field and will require continuous attention until they are harvested. After planting, the seedlings require weekly watering (we use a drip irrigation system), monthly fertilizing, shearing and leader control every two months, side-shearing twice a year, and careful year-round insect and disease monitoring... all to get that perfect Christmas tree!

During the early years of Christmas Ranch Tree Farms Don was a high school science teacher at Simi Valley High School and they would hire students and friend's teenagers during the sales season and to help with replanting after Christmas. They also hired customers' children and students from other high schools in the area.

Whatever your plans are for Christmas, make sure you visit Christmas Ranch Tree Farms for a traditional, fresh, fragrant Christmas tree and an enjoyable family experience!

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