Merry Christmas!
from Christmas Ranch Tree Farms

Growing Fresh, Beautiful Christmas Trees for 47 years!

Christmas Ranch Tree Farms will begin tree sales starting the Friday after Thanksgiving at both our Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley locations.

Why buy a Real, Fresh Christmas Tree?*

  • 30–35 million farm-grown Christmas Trees are enjoyed each year in the U.S.
  • The Real Tree industry involves an estimated 100,000 people ranging from Scouts on a corner lot to farms planting and harvesting thousands of trees each year
  • In 2007, the number of Real Christmas Trees purchased in the U.S. was 31.3 million!
  • Using a farm-grown natural tree over a manufactured tree is the eco-friendly choice. Environmental groups consistently recommend using a real tree over a manufactured one
  • Real Christmas Trees are a renewable, recyclable resource
  • For every Real Christmas Tree harvested in the Fall, up to 3 seedlings are planted in the Spring
  • Several environmental health organizations warn consumers about potential lead dust and PVC of artificial trees
  • After Christmas, Real Trees are recycled ... becoming mulch for gardens and trails ... habitat for fish ... barriers to reduce soil erosion. An estimated 93% of all Real Trees are recycled either in community programs or in someone’s garden or yard. Finding local tree recycling information can be done typically with basic internet searches or through local newspapers and other news media
  • Christmas is about traditions and memories and the Christmas Tree is the centerpiece of the celebration. Real Christmas Trees foster family traditions and create memories that last a lifetime
  • Never has a Real Christmas Tree caused or started a fire. Less than 0.001% of Real Christmas Trees used each year are ignited in home fires. Anyone who has ever tried to start a camp fire with green wood understands how flame resistant a properly watered tree is. Even though the chance of a Christmas Tree fire is very slim, you can ensure that your Real Christmas Tree stays fresh and safe by following the NCTA recommended care tips.
* Information from NCTA

Whatever your plans are for Christmas, make sure you visit Christmas Ranch Tree Farms for a traditional, fresh, fragrant Christmas tree and an enjoyable family experience!

Christmas Ranch Tree Farms • (805) 501-2729 • (805) 624-0031
1586 Pederson Rd., Thousand Oaks, Ca
3800 Cochran St., Simi Valley, Ca

Sales begin the Friday after Thanksgiving
Thousand Oaks:
Open 7 days a week. Monday thru Friday 2pm-7pm
Sat & Sun 9am-7pm

Simi Valley: Open Weekends Only, Sat & Sun 9am-5pm